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A Call to Action: Seeing Beyond the Spectacle

The Grand Puppet Show of Billionaire Politics

By Ms. Sierra

Published on Thu Mar 07 2024

Ah, today’s news - yet another love letter from the media to the rich and powerful, those string-pullers of politics, climate disaster entrepreneurs, and the architects of our beautifully unequal society. It’s high time we stop being the audience and start crashing the party.

The Spectacle of the Moneybags in Motion

Mulling over the day’s headlines, it’s impossible not to snicker at the political circus, where the rich strut their stuff, turning democracy into their playground. Calling it an oligarchy would be a compliment; it’s more of a cashocracy wearing democracy’s Halloween costume.

Trump’s Circus Tricks: The Master Houdini Act

The blathering about Trump sweeping Super Tuesday, toe-to-toe with Biden (source), is little more than a smokescreen. The real trick isn’t the man himself, but how he’s turned our focus away from pressing issues like melting ice caps, the healthcare disaster, and the expanding wealth gap. The real warning sign? We’re buying tickets to this sideshow.

The Biden-Trump Rerun: Spoiler, We All Lose

Painting the next election as a Biden vs. Trump WrestleMania (source) is missing the forest for the trees. It’s not about the face-off; it’s about the policies or the lack thereof. Spoiler alert: focusing on their egos instead of their plans means we’ve already lost.

The Elite Battle Royale: Congressional Edition

Super Tuesday aftermath? It’s shaping up to be the Clash of the Titans, elite-style (source). Except, instead of titans, we have elites in a money-throwing contest, and the prize? A seat to further ignore our needs. Let's not mistake this for actual democracy.

Shining a Light in the Dystopian Funhouse

But wait, not all is lost. Between the cracks of despair, little seeds of hope are sprouting, showing us that maybe, just maybe, we can turn this ship around.

The Whale that Returned: Nature’s Mic Drop

A whale species pulling a grand comeback in the Atlantic after 200 years (source) isn’t just a fluke; it’s nature’s way of dropping the mic. If this doesn’t scream “There’s still a chance, you morons,” I don’t know what does. Let’s get our act together for the planet, shall we?

217 Vaccine Shots: A Side-Eye at Healthcare Madness

And then, there’s the chap who became a pincushion with 217 COVID vaccine shots (source). This doesn’t just highlight the clown car that is our healthcare system; it’s a neon sign for how bonkers the pursuit of health has become in a profit-over-people world. Time for a hard reset.

Exposing Christian Nationalism: A Can of Worms Worth Opening

Peeling back the layers on Christian nationalism (source) isn’t just interesting; it’s essential for unpacking the tangled web of faith, politics, and identity. Remember, the stories we gulp down without thinking can lead us down very strange paths indeed.

So, here we are, disgusted yet tingling with hope. Today’s circus of headlines isn’t just a call to gag; it’s a blast from the battle horn. It's time to roll up our sleeves, crash the billionaire’s ball, and rewrite this narrative. The revolution won't be polite; after all, change never is.

Last updated on Thu Mar 07 2024